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Are you a Junior, Cadette, Senior & Ambassador Girl Scouts who Loves Selling Cookies?

GSNC Cookie Program Cookie StarsJoin the Entrepreneurial Envoys and become a member of the exclusive group of Girl Scouts who have excelled in using the *5 Skills* of the Cookie Program. You will share your tips and techniques for success with other girls and even adult volunteers. You'll get to help select the girl rewards for both Cookies and Mags&Munchies and get a sneak peek at new products and themes of each Program.

Our next meeting is on Thursday, December 11th 7:00pm-8:00pm.

Register now for the other meetings: March 5th.



Looking for Cookie Celebration Volunteers

We need Cadette, Senior and Ambassador Girl Scouts to help set-up and run a craft and activity table at the 2015 Cookie Celebration on January 10, 2015.  Your volunteer service hours can be used toward leadership/community service and may even guide you in discovering a Take Action project.

Before you can volunteer, you need to sign up for a volunteer training session on Wednesday, December 17, 2014 or Thursday, December 18, 2014. Both sessions run from 7:00pm-8:00pm.  There's no fee for this event., but you must sign up in advance.




Sales Tips That Work - Five Steps to Cookie Success

Here's a great marketing tip that works:
When customers ask the price of Cookies, tell them that they are "5 for $20"
Print out this sign for your booth sales


  1. *Contact customers from last year or those who already bought for this year - they've already eaten those        Cookies and are ready for more!
  2. *Know your product – be able to list each cookie and know something about each one.
  3. *Smile, remember your manners, say please and thank you.
  4. *Do a Walk About sale – bring the cookies with you and go in a group! A great way to clear out those last        boxes of Cookies. Customers are still looking for Cookies!
  5. *Contact local fraternal and military organizations, i.e. VFW, American Legion, Masons, and Knights of         Columbus, etc. Perhaps they can host a booth sale or purchase cookies for Operation Cookie.
  6. *Have a booth sale – it’s fun, easy and you sell lots of cookies!
  7. *Remember: Be Creative and Have FUN!!



How Do Top Sellers Reach Those High Goals? - One Box at a Time!

GSNC Cookie Program Goal SettingUse these Girl Scout Cookie Marketing Sales Tools to help you reach your Cookie Sale Goal(s).

  One More Box Resources:

  One More Box stickers
  One More Box stickers for customers
  One More Box flyer (support a girl's goals)
  One More Box flyer (Cookie Locator)

  One More Box booth table tent

  How many boxes would you like? business card sheets
  Valentine's Cookie Cards
  Valentine gift card



Rewards Program for Girls Scout Cookie Sales

Thank-you to all of the girls who took our online Cookie Recognitions survey.
Visit GSNC's Cookie Rewards webpage for the 2015 Cookie Recognitions for girls.


      GSNC Cookie Program clip board reward prizeGSNC Cookie Program bag rewardGSNC Cookie Program duffle bag rewardGSNC Cookie program samoas pillowGSNC Cookie Program towel bag set