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Cookie Goal Setting: Skills for Success


What Can a Cookie Do?


Anything a girl sets her mind to… Cookie Club logo

    • A cookie can… send a girl to Camp!
    • A cookie can… cheer up Soldiers Overseas!
    • A cookie can… teach girls how to manage money!

Before a cookie can do anything, a girl needs to establish her goals as to what she wants to do!  One of the most important lessons you can teach a girl is how to set a challenging goal and reach it. Just imagine how far she’ll go in life if she knows that, step by step, she can achieve her dreams. Every Troop is encouraged to set goals, such as planning a field trip or organizing a community service project. The money earned from cookie activities helps the troop/group achieve its goals.  

Encourage girls to set two kinds of group goals:

    • What can we do with our cookie money to help others?
    • What can we do with our cookie money for fun and learning?

The Cookie Club is a useful tool to help guide girls through the goal setting and achievement process.

Got Goals?

Make a poster that highlights your goals (Troop or individual), take a picture of it, and submit it via email to

Girl Scouts of Nassau County. We’ll post all appropriate posters in an album on our Facebook page and

all entries will be submitted for a prize drawing to be held on January 12, 2013 at the Cookie Celebration at

the Crest Hollow Country Club. At least one prize winner will be drawn for the submissions in the Troop Goal

category, and at least one prize winner will be drawn for the submissions in the Individual Goal category.


Examples of Big Goals!

What do you and your Troop want to do? You can set goals based on your wants and abilities as either a Troop or an individual. Here are some great examples of goals to help you get started!


Example Plan!

Let's say your Troop wants to see a Broadway show. If ticket prices are $75 per girl, and transportation costs $10 per girl, and lunch in NYC is at $20 a girl, the overall cost per girl is $105.

At .50 cents per box rebate, girls need to be selling 210 boxes. While that may seem like a lot, setting a goal and following through with a plan can make it easier than you think!

Reaching your Troop's goal can be made easier with Booth Sales. Booth sales are a great way to attract a large volume of customers in one place. Setting up shop outside of a railroad station during the PM rush hour or is an easy way to bring in a large volume of orders without having to go door-to-door. Corporate booth sales, either at shopping malls or local supermarkets are another great way to increase sales while also promoting cookie bundles as great holiday gifts for friends and family.