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Girl Scouts of Nassau County (GSNC) Fall Products Program - Mags&munchies


2015 Mags&Munchies Fall Products Program: Frequently Asked Questions


Stay Tuned For More Information on the 2015 Mags&Munchies Program.


Why are we having a Mags&Munchies Program?

The Mags&Munchies Program is a great way to help defray some of the Troop cost between start-up time and the Girl Scout Cookie® Program. Troop Leaders can begin the year with great programming and the opportunity to raise extra funds for their GS Troop.

What items are being offered by the Mags&Munchies Program?

This year we have nuts, snacks, chocolate items, photo keepsakes and magazines.

Will you be having a Mags&Munchies Rally this year?

Yes, the Bowling Rally will be at the Sheridan Bowling Lanes on September 26,2015.

How many nut, snack or chocolate items in a case?
There are 12 items in every case.

Why should I order magazines through Girl Scouts of Nassau County?

You will not pay any more than newsstand prices, but 45% of your order will help Girl Scouts of Nassau County provide a wide variety of programs for girls and adults, Girl Scout Adult Volunteer training and helps maintain Girl Scouts of Nassau County's Camp Blue Bay for girls.

What is Operation Stop Hunger?

This is a community service project in conjunction with Island Harvest. For each $5.00 donation through the Mags&Munchies Program, the Girl Scouts of Nassau County will send a nut/snack item to Island Harvest.

What is Project Thank You?

This is a community service project in conjunction with QSP. For each $5.00 donation through the Mags&Munchies Program, the Girl Scouts of Nassau County will send a magazine subscription voucher to our local veterans and servicemen and women.

Can I renew before my subscription is due to expire?

Renewals ordered ahead of time will be added on to your existing subscription. To avoid receiving double subscriptions, fill out your order form with name and address exactly as it appears on your current subscription label or tape the label to the order form.

Can I order or renew magazines not listed in the catalog?

In addition to catalog magazines, there are additional titles online.

Can I order magazines for a business?

Yes, however the subscription must be sent to a specific person. Subscriptions sent to a business name, library or media center cannot be processed.

When will customers receive their subscription?

New magazine subscriptions begin approximately 12 to 14 weeks after orders are submitted to QSP. Renewals begin when the old subscription expires. On-line orders will begin approximately 6-8 weeks after ordered.

Does QSP accept coupons?

No, QSP does not accept any coupons or discount offers. Only gifts described in the QSP catalog will be provided.

Are checks acceptable payments?

Yes, all checks should be made payable to “Girl Scouts of Nassau County”. Please write Troop number in the “memo” line.

Does the customer need a receipt?

Yes! Customers should keep the pink copy of their subscription order form. Not only does it have the number for QSP Customer Service, it is also the customer’s official record of the order and payment should they need it. Customers who order their magazines online should print or save the order confirmation page.

When do we collect the payment for magazine, nuts and chocolate?

Payment is collected when the customer places their order.

Can I order magazines online?

Yes! Online ordering portal will be available

What is a Reach Out Address Booklet?

The Address Booklet is a way for girls to contact friends and family they may not be able to see face–to-face during the sale. Girls simply fill out the booklets (8 postcards) with legitimate names and addresses. Information regarding magazines will be mailed to each person listed in their booklet. Approximately three weeks after the first mailing a reminder will be sent by QSP. No additional funds or incentives are earned for any subscriptions ordered through the Address Booklet. QSP guarantees that no names or addresses will be shared or used for other solicitation purposes.

If one girl turns in a completed Reach Out Booklet and has suggestions for names can she turn in another booklet?

No, we can only accept one booklet per girl. However, if you have a booklet turned in from another girl and it is not completely full you may have the girl with the additional names add her names to that booklet.

Does Ashdon Farms use Sunland, Inc. peanuts and peanut butter in their products?

Ashdon Farms does not use Sunland as a supplier of nuts or nutbutters and has no involvement in the recall of any peanut butter or peanut products.


Who do I call if I have a question?

For questions about forms and deadlines contact your Association Mags&Munchies Program Chair. For subscription related questions, contact QSP Customer Service directly at 1.800.678.2673. They are more than willing to assist with any subscription concerns that may arise. For questions about nuts/snacks contact our Service Center office 516.741.2550 ext 243.