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Girl Scouts of Nassau County (GSNC) Fall Products Prorgam - Mags&Munchies


Mags&Munchies Fall Products Program Rewards and Contests


The Girl Scouts of Nassau County Mags&Munchies Fall Products Program encourages girls to set sales goals for each of the sales categories. Girl Scouts have the opportunity to earn rewards for selling Magazines, Photo Keepsakes or Nuts/Snacks and rewards for selling a combination of Mags&Munchies and Memories products.


Girl Rewards

Girl Scouts from Nassau County can earn rewards by selling nut/snack items, magazines and photo keepsake items through the Mags&Munchies Fall Products Program. These rewards are based on the the number of magazine subscriptions and/or photo keepsakes sold. All rewards are cumulative. Girls will receive all rewards up to the amount they sold.


GSNC Mags&Munchies girl rewards



Contests for Troops and Individual Girls


Troop Highest Dollar Booth Sales Contest:

The Troop at each level (Daisy - Ambassador) with the highest Mags&Munchies booth sale dollars will get to select a Council Cookie Booth of their choice before they open in E-budde.

GSNC Mags&Munchies Booth sale contest