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Girl Scout Volunteers Help Girl Scouts in Mags&Munchies Fall Products Program


Girl Scouts of Nassau County (GSNC) wants to provide its volunteers with the resources necessary to help Girl Scouts achieve their Mags&Munchies Fall Products Program Goals.


2013 Mags&Munchies Theme

Participation in Mags&Munchies Will Help My Girl Scout Troop

Mags&Munchies Training for Girl Scout Volunteers

Troop Proceeds ( Rewards & Incentives)

Planning a Booth Sale

Mags&Munchies Contests

Be a Reader Program

Mags&Munchies Document & Form Library

Troop Volunteer Manual



2013 Mags&Munchies Theme


GSNC Fall Products Theme patch Be Your Best YouThe new theme for the 2013 Mags&Munchies Fall Products program is

"Be Your Best You! Grow!"

Help your girls earn all eleven patches this year and don't forget about the Rally patch that will be given out at the Bowling Bash on 9/28.





Participation in Mags&Munchies Will Help My Girl Scout Troop

The GSNC's Mags&Munchies Fall Products Program is a fun, quick, and easy way for Girl Scout Troops to earn money towards trips and programs which girls can participate. Through the sale of magazines and nuts and chocolates, Troops can earn Troop Rewards in the form of money to go towards Troop projects, girl programs and much more. Girl Scouts who Participate also have the opportunitiy to set goals towards Girl Scout Rewards (Incentives) they would like to earn.

This Council-sponsored money-earning opportunity enables family and friends to support Girl Scout Troops and Girl Scouting in the community.





Mags&Munchies- Fall Products Training for Girl Scout Volunteers


Online Training Videos


GSNC Mags&Munchies online magazine ordering buttonOnline Magazine Training
Did you know a Girl Scout can set up her own website and create a personalized landing page to help her sell Magazines in the GSNC Mags&Munchies Program. The Online Magazine Training video provides tools and tips including how to register your Girl Scout in the Online Magazine Program.

Click to view the Mags&Munchies Online Magazine Training video>>


Nut and Snack Program
One component of the Mags&Munchies Program is sales of 15 different, superior quality, reasonably priced nut, chocolate and snack items from Ashdon Farms. Find out how to donate to two designated community service programs. Click to view Nut and Snack Program training video>>


Step 2 Address Book Program
An easy way to participate in the Mags&Munchies Program is to fill out the Step 2 Address Booklet that is inside each girl’s envelope. The booklet contains 11 postcards that can be mailed to out-of-town friends and relatives. Each person will receive only one mailing about the magazine subscription program. Click to view Step 2 Address Book Program Fall Products training video>>


Ashdon Farms Nute System Overview
In addition to your Troop Manager manual, this video will provide you with all the information that you need to submit girl orders into the Ashdon Farms Nute computer system. The system is easy to use and prompts you for most information.

Click to view Ashdon Farms Nute System Overview training video>>


Girl Business Card Program
Click to view Girl Business Card Program overview video>>


Mags&Munchies Contests and Association Rebates

Click to view the Contests and Association Rebates training video>>



Troop Proceeds ( Rewards & Incentives)


If your Troop participates in the girl rewards (prize incentives), your Troop proceeds will be:

* 10% on QSP Magazine subscriptions and renewals (catalog or online) ordered by November 1, 2013.

* 10% on Ashdon Farms Nut and Snack Items

* $2.00 for a completed Step 2 Address Booklet (10 of 11 postcards filled out correctly)

* Patches for each Girl Scout Participant

If your Troop (Junior level +) votes to take extra money instead of the girl rewards, your Troop proceeds will be:

* 15% on QSP Magazine subscriptions and renewals (catalog or online)

* 15% on Ashdon Farms Nut and Snack Items

* $2.00 for each completed Step 2 Address Booklet (10 of 11 postcards filled out correctly)

* Patches for each Girl Scout Participant

Troops earn 15% on all Booth Sales! (Note: Booth Sale quantities do not count towards the totals for girl rewards.)


It's Easy to Earn Start-Up Funds for your Troop!

A Troop of 10 girls can easily earn $180 or $260 back in Troop proceeds.

* Sell 5 magazine subscriptions (average magazine subscription is $20)

* Sell 10 nut/snack items (average nut or snack item is $6.00)

* Fill out 1 Step 2 Address Booklet ($2.00)

10% in Troop proceeds would equal $180

15% in Troop proceeds would equal $260



Planning on doing a Booth Sale?

GSNC Mags&Munchies Program booth contest for 2013My Troop is Interested in Having a Booth Sale!

Booth Sales start on September 7th and end on November 13th

Interested in having a booth sale with your Troop for your Fall Products Sales, it can be as easy as contacting your local supermarket, recreation facility or other business in your community and asking about setting up a Troop Booth Sale Table.

Once you have a location secured, contact Sonia Oxford at 516.741.2550 ext 230 and she can guide you in how to obtain your nut/snack items.


After your Booth Sale Location is Set:

* Simply pick up your nut/snack items at the GSNC Service Center (see Sonia Oxford)

* You can take out as few or as many pieces as you'd like, however there are NO RETURNS of product.

* After your sale, take your 15% proceeds before you make the bank deposit.

* REMEMBER to double check the GSUSA Safety Checkpoints for Product Sales.

* Here's a good idea, hold a booth sale at one of the many outdoor fairs Outdoor Fair Opportunities

* Have girls print out Business Cards to hand out at Booths for additional sales.


GSNC - Operation: Stop Hunger and Project Thank Your Donation Box and Can ExamplesOperation: Stop Hunger and Project Thank You Donation Boxes and Cans

Here is a great idea for your Troop’s Booth Sale. Create an Operation: Stop Hunger or Project: Thank You donation box or donation can. Use these designs to get started.

Operation: Stop Hunger Donation Box Artwork
Operation: Stop Hunger Donation Can Artwork
Project Thank You Donation Box Artwork
Project Thank You Donation Can Artwork



Mags&Munchies Contests


Top Seller Contest - Earn an Exclusive GSNC Cookie Booth slot of your choice!

Experienced Cookie Managers and Troop Leaders know there is a mad rush to sign up for one of the prime Cookie Booth sites when the booth scheduling system opens in January. Six lucky Troops (one at each level) will have an opportunity to get a booth site before they open up to the entire Council. Be the Troop with the highest DOLLAR amount of Nut/Snack Booth sales, at your level, and your Troop will win this special Cookie Program opportunity!


Chocolate Buddies Contest

This year, to celebrate our newest Chocolate Buddy, the Dulce de Leche Owl,we’re offering a special reward. The Mags&Munchies Top Order-Taker in each Association, with at least 100 items or more, will receive an Owl, Penguin or Bear speaker for their portable music player!

Note: 100 items can be 100 nut/snack products, 100 subscriptions or a combination. Only orders entered by the Troop Manager in the NutE system will count toward this reward. Orders must be received by the deadline set by the Troop Manager so that orders can be entered in time to be considered for this program. Booth sale quantities cannot be used for this reward calculation. Recipients will receive this reward at the December 7, 2013 Mags&Munchies CEO Brunch at Carlyle on the Green in Farmingdale.

See Chocolate Buddies Contest flyer for complete details>>





How do my girls earn the Be A Reader patch this year?

The Be a Reader Program is designed to engage girls in learning and earning activities which focus on goal setting, money management and entrepreneurship that tie in with the Mags&Munchies theme.

QSP Be A Reader patch

The Be a Reader Program is online this year at In addition to the QSP Be a Reader you'll also find the Ashdon Farms Nut Factory activities. Both sites offer fun, age appropriate, educational games and other interactive activities for Girl Scouts at all levels.




Mags&Munchies Document & Form Library

Association Chair Position Description
Booth Sale Form

Business Cards for Girl Scouts

Donation Receipt for Operation Stop Hunger or Project Thank You
Mags&Munchies Troop Volunteer Position Description and Agreement

Operation Stop Hunger booth sale artwork

Parent Permission Form side 1

Parent Permission Form side 2

Project Thank You booth sale poster

Trip Application for Booth Sale

Troop Mgr Position Description

Troop Rebate Option

Troop Volunteer Manual