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Juliette Gordon Low once said, “It is of paramount importance to teach the young citizen to assume responsibility for her own development and health.”  Girl Scouts of Nassau County’s Healthy Living Initiatives are designed to provide girls with the knowledge and skills needed to assume this responsibility.  Programs connected with the Healthy Living Initiatives encourage girls to set healthy and sustainable life goals— physically, socially, and emotionally balanced through fun, educational, hands-on activities.


According to a study of girls, “The New Normal?” explored by the Girl Scout Research Institute, “…Being healthy was repeatedly described not only as eating right and looking good, but also as feeling good about oneself and having good relationships with one’s peers.”(1)  To girls, Healthy Living is a balance between the physical, the emotional, and the social well being. 


The Healthy Living Initiatives bring a unique perspective to keeping girls healthy as girls define health in their own terms, placing as much emphasis on emotional and social well-being as physical health, nutrition and physical fitness. In addition to healthy eating and physical fitness, the Healthy Living Initiatives focus on increasing girls’ self-esteem and developing healthy relationships. These programs provide girls with the courage, confidence, and character to not only make the world a better place, but their own lives more healthful and balanced. Click here to support this initiative!


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1. Girl Scout Research Institute. (2006). The New Normal? What Girls Say About Healthy Living. New York, NY: Girl Scouts of the United States of America.