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Cookies, crafts & camping are just the beginning!


Did you know? For many, Girl Scouting serves as both the most affordable and enriching extracurricular activity for girls in their community. Girl Scouts has been making a difference in the lives of girls for 100 years. Just as our membership has grown to 22,000 girls in Nassau County alone, so has our place in history and our role as innovative and committed advocates for girls everywhere.

The Girl Scout program is girl-driven, reflecting the ever-changing needs and interests of today’s youth. Girls discover the fun, friendship, and power of acting together. As we look forward to the future, the organization is focused on operating at the speed of girls today. With the increased demographic diversity in the twenty-first century, Girl Scouts will keep preparing girls for expanded roles in a changing society while holding on to the timeless values that have made the Girl Scout experience rich and meaningful for all.


Girl Scout Program - Becoming a Girl Scout

Any girl from K-12, from any neighborhood and any background can become a Girl Scout at any time during the year. The traditional and most well known Girl Scouting experience is through Girl Scout Troops. These Troops are led by well-trained adult volunteers - the backbone of Girl Scouting. Girl Scouting is also provided through a number of alternative venues, such as collaborations with other community, youth-serving groups in- and after-school programs.

The Girl Experience through Pathways

Through Girl Scout Pathways, girls have the freedom to choose among any of the Pathways to join Girl Scouting and may participate in multiple Pathways within a membership year. Girls are given the opportunity to explore their skills and interests and inspired to reach their personal best through a variety of fun and enriching leadership experiences. But more importantly, no matter where or how they participate, girls get the necessary guidance they need from adult volunteers and council staff to develop their leadership skills and understand how those skills can be used to make a difference in the world.

What are the Girl Scout Pathways?
The Girl Scout Pathways are the ways that girls participate in Girl Scouting. Girls can choose any one, all, or some of these Pathways within a single year; however, different Pathways may be geared specifically to different grade levels.

Camp - Girls participate in day or resident camps with a focus on the out-of-doors and/or environmental education
Events - Girls participate in Council events (e.g., Bowling Bash, Cookie Celebration, etc.)
Series - Girls participate in a series of programs with the same group of girls relating to a specific theme or purpose (e.g., Girl Scout Chorus, Media Girls, Ceremonial Unit, etc. )  
Travel - Girls plan, earn money, prepare and participate in regional, national and international trips
Troops - Girls participate in a series of programs with the same group of girls over the course of the year

Grade Levels

Girl Scouts are divided into the following groups based on age and grade level. For more information on each Level and their activities, click on the level below.
Girl Scout Daisy, Grades K-1 
Girl Scout Brownie, Grades 2-3 
Girl Scout Junior, Grades 4-5 
Girl Scout Cadette, Grades 6-8 
Girl Scout Senior, Grades 9-10 
Girl Scout Ambassador, Grades 11-12

Not all girls elect to participate in volunteer led-troops, whether due to personal preferences or scheduling challenges. These girls can still participate as Individual Girl Scouts and independently participate in Council and local events and programs.


Frequently Asked Questions:

Do I have to buy a uniform for my Girl Scout?
No, girls are not required to purchase a uniform. However, to display official pins and awards girls at each age level should have the official tunic, vest or sash for their level. Girls may be asked to wear the official tunic, vest or sash when they participate in ceremonies or officially represent the Girl Scout Movement. 

You can purchase uniform items at the GSNC Council Shop located inside the Service Center at 110 Ring Road West, in Garden City, outside the perimeter of Roosevelt Field Shopping Mall, located directly across from the Grand Lux Cafe and Loews Movie Theater.


What does it cost to join?


Is there financial aid available?
Girl Scouts of Nassau County makes every effort to ensure that no girl is turned away due to a lack of funds. Financial Aid is available to families who are unable to pay for Girl Scout expenses due to financial hardship.


Where does GSNC's funding come from?
Girl Scouts of Nassau County depends on the Family Partnership, as well as contributions from friends, businesses and corporations, foundations and government grants. The Girl Scout Cookie Program, the Fall Products Program, and income from program fees for camping and special events are important revenue sources.  Funds received support the continuing Girl Scout legacy in Nassau County.


Do I have to join a Troop?
No, if you and your daughter decide that the Troop experience is not for you, you may register as a Individual Girl Scout and still partake in Council and local events and programs.


What if my daughter doesn't attend school in the same town as our school district?
GIRLS CAN JOIN ANYWHERE!  A girl may join a Troop in her school or community or be an Individual Girl Scout. To inquire about placing your daughter in a Girl Scout Troop, please complete the Girl Scout Interest Indicator. When completing this form, select the school district which you would like her to become a member in.

If you do not live in Nassau County, please use Council Finder to find a Girl Scout Council in your area.

How large are the Troops and how often do they meet?
The size varies from Troop to Troop. Younger levels often meet more frequently than Troops comprised of older girls. For information on standard troop sizes contact the Service Center and speak with the Membership Specialist assigned to your community.


How can I become a Girl Scout Leader?
If you are interested in Volunteering with Girl Scouts, please fill out the Adult Volunteer Interest Inquiry form for ways to get started.