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Juliette Gordon Low Ceremonies


Juliette Low Ceremonies



Eight (8) candles with candleholders



Before you begin, calculate Juliette Low's age-to-date for the Introduction. 

Read the Introduction, then follow with each speaking part and candle lighting. Candle #1 should be lit in the holder by an adult. Subsequent candles are lit from the first one and placed immediately in the holder.  Close, adult supervision and safety precautions (hair & clothing should be kept away from flame) are necessary.  Battery operated candles may be used as an alternative.



Juliette Gordon Low’s birthday is on October 31st.   She was born in 1860, and if Juliette were still with us she would be celebrating her  ______  birthday.  Thanks to her vision, hopes, dreams, faith, spirit, and love of mankind, Girl Scouting is here today for “every girl, everywhere” and “growing strong.”

Candle #1:  I light this candle for Juliette Gordon Low in commemoration of the anniversary of her birth.

Candle #2:  This candle represents the vision that Juliette Low had of a Girl Scout Movement in the United States.

Candle #3:  This candle stands for the hope Juliette Low had for worldwide understanding through Girl Scouting.

Candle #4:  This candle represents the dream Juliette Low had for a peaceful, friendly world.

Candle #5:  This candle is for the faith Juliette Low had in the girls of the United States and the world to fulfill her dream.

Candle #6:  This candle is for the spirit she left, which leads us constantly to greater growth and fellowship.

Candle #7:  This candle represents the love she had for all mankind.

Candle #8:  This candle represents the millions of Girl Scouts in the United States who honor Juliette Gordon Low this month on the anniversary of her birth.



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