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GSNC Girl Scouts Take Action through Ceremony with Flags


Materials For Loan


The Girl Scouts of Nassau County has materials available for loan to Girl Scouts of Nassau County volunteers to be used for their troop activities. To borrow materials for your Girl Scout Troop, complete and submit the Online Request for Volunteer Resource Materials Form.


Ceremonial Materials

- American Flags (2x3' on 6' pole, 3x5' on 8' pole)

- Girl Scout Flags - Daisy Flag (2x3'), Brownie Flag (2x3'), GSNC Council Flag for Juniors, Cadettes, Seniors, Ambassadors and Adults (2x3' or 3x5'), WAGGGS Flag (2x3' or 3x5')

- Flag Accessories - Flag Stands, Flag Holsters, White Gloves

- Log Candle Holder & Candles - holds 13 tapers (8"-12") for Girl Scout Promise & Law


Resource Boxes

Girl Scouts of Nassau County has developed Resource Boxes surrounding the themes of Camping and Nature, Girl Scout History and WAGGGS, and GSNC Patch Programs and GSNC Badges to help troop leaders with their meetings. These boxes contain materials and items for each topic, which will enhance the Girl Scout Troop meeting and the Girl Scout experience, while making a Girl Scout Volunteer’s day a little easier.


Journey in a Weekend Kits

- Junior aMUSE Journey in a Weekend - contains guide and supplies for a troop to complete the aMUSE Journey in a weekend.
- Cadette Amaze Journey in a Weekend - contains guide and supplies for a troop to complete the Amaze Journey in a weekend.
- Senior Mission Sisterhood Journey in a Weekend - contains guide and supplies for a troop to complete the Mission Sisterhood Journey in a weekend.


Badge Kits

- Daisy Money Counts Leaf
- Daisy Count it Up Leaf
- Brownie Meet My Customers Badge
- Brownie Fair Play Badge


Camping and Nature Boxes

- Camp Blue Bay Letterboxing and Geocaching Kit - contains clues for Camp Blue Bay, introduction to letterboxing, sample stamp pouch & pouch instructions - Pick up kit at Camp Blue Bay. Contact Laura Bissett-Carr for reservation.

- Compass Box - contains 10 compasses*, maps & activities

- First Aid and Knives Box - contains 8 jackknives*, 20 paperknives & First Aid kit.

- Knot Box - contains 20 cords*, sample knots & activities

- Nature Box - contains binoculars, bug boxes, field guides, flower presses, magnifiers, rulers & more!

- Outdoor Cooking Box - contains vagabond stove, chimney, and fire starters (buddy burner, egg crate, & trench candles)


Girl Scout History and WAGGGS Boxes

- Girl Scout Fashion Show Box - contains 14 vintage uniforms (to be worn), uniform information, sample script, & background music

- Juliette Low "Kim's Game" Box - this mini-suitcase tin contains materials to play Kim's Game (a memory game) with items representing Juliette Low's life story. Script included.

- Living History Box - contains 3 vintage uniforms for viewing, vintage handbooks & pins, "The Golden Eaglet" video (VHS or DVD), & historical information

- WAGGGS Box - contains World Association books & information, "Sisters All...Friends Forever" video (VHS or DVD), International uniform posters & WAGGGS Flannelgraph for World Pin Thinking Day Ceremony


Patch Programs and Badge Boxes

- "Pick Your Journey" Kit for Brownie, Junior, Senior and Ambassador Troops - each kit contains three Journeys and Adult Guides to help your Troop make an informed choice about which Journey they will take!

- Asthma Awareness Patch Program Box - books, videos & materials for GSNC Asthma Awareness Patch Program "Girls Having Strong, Healthy Lungs"

- Asthma Awareness Puppet Box - 4 puppets & asthma situation scripts for Asthma Awareness Program

"Caring for your Heart" Patch Program Box - Food Fun Nutrition Cards, Food Pyramid Bingo, books & more for the Heart Health Patch Program

- "Curiosity Box" Patch Program Box - tangrams, measuring tapes, magnifiers, prisms, to do the Curiosity Box Patch Program's simple and fun math/science program activities

- "Go Batty: Discovering Bats on LI" Patch Program Box - Stellaluna with toy bat, CD, DVD, books with bat information, activities & more!

- "NY State of Mind" Badge Box - NY State flag, maps, NYS Bingo, activity sheets for GSNC NY State of Mind Brownie and Junior Badge

- 1950's Fun and Games Box (contains Pick-up sticks, Jacks, Yo-yos for b,j,c,s,a)


Miscellaneous Materials

- Girl Scout Cookie Costumes for Cookie Booths are now available in your Association! Contact your Association Cookie Chair or your Service Team to request a Cookie Costume for your Cookie Booth. The Volunteer Resource Center no longer has Cookie Costumes available for loan.


Girl Scout Songs to Download

Listen to "The World Song" from Melinda Caroll

Download "Amazing Daisies" from Melinda Caroll

Download "Change Your World, 2012" from Melinda Caroll

Download "Friendship Fires" from Melinda Caroll

Download "IGNITE" in Spanish from Melinda Caroll

Download "Sandy's Song - I'm a Girl Scout Daisy" from Melinda Caroll

Download "Sister, Sister" from Melinda Caroll

Download "Make New Friends (Hip Hop), 2013" from Melinda Caroll