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Girl Scouts of Nassau County Training & FAQ

Welcome, New Girl Scout Volunteer! As a volunteer, you'll introduce girls to new experiences that show them they're capable of more than they ever imagined. Now that you have completed your Volunteer Application and your background check, it is time to get started. Take a moment to get inspired with this Volunteer video.Want to know more about being a Girl Scout Leader and getting the girls involved in the decision making? Watch the 3 processes for Girl Scout Volunteers.

Below you will find all of the courses you need to complete your Basic Leadership training, along with some optional online training courses and tips that will help get your Troop started.

Which Girl Scout Trainings are required for me to become a Troop Leader?


Access "Girl Scouting 101" Training Course (English and Español)>>

What other trainings will help me as Girl Scout Leader?
We’re in this together. The next few optional trainings are designed to help you get up and running in your new volunteer role.

How do I open my Troop’s Bank Account?
Girl Scouts is all about learning, earning and having fun! As a Girl Scout Troop, your Troop will be both earning money through Troop money-earning activities and spending money on fun programs and activities. This means you will need to set up a Troop Bank Account. Follow this guide on how to establish a Troop Bank Account.

I am planning our first Troop trip. What do I need to know?
Plan your trip using "GSUSA's Safety Activity Checkpoints" The checkpoints will help you and your Troop members plan your adventures! Just click on the link and go directly to the activity that you are planning!

Where can I receive First Aid / CPR Training?
For many activities, Girl Scouts recommends that at least one adult volunteer be First Aid/CPR certified (complete list of recommendations can be found in "Volunteer Essentials” and "GSUSA's Safety Activity Checkpoints").
You can pursue certification through various resources such as local community education, your local fire department or community center or look online for trainings offered by the American Red Cross, National Safety Council, and the American Heart Association.

What should I do if I am having conflict with my Co-Leader, Troop Leader's or parents?

There are many decisions to make when leading a Troop of Girl Scouts. Conflict may arise between Troop Leaders, parents and other volunteers due to misunderstanding, perception and emotions. Please take a moment to watch this GSUSA video about Conflict Management. The video contains some very useful tools and tips to use if faced with conflict.

Conflict Management

Are there any other resources that I should know about as a new Volunteer?