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Girl Scouts of Nassau County (GSNC) Girl Scout Volunteer Training


Welcome to Training for Girl Scout Adult Volunteers!


Are you a new Volunteer that will be helping us at a Girl Scout event? Do you plan to be Cookie Manager, a Troop Leader or will you volunteer your time to help with a Girl Scout series? As Girl Scouts of Nassau County (GSNC) volunteer, we want to help you be prepared to work with girls, keep them safe and lead them to Discover, Connect and Take Action to make the world a better place!

Take a moment and get inspired by this brief video for new Volunteers!



There are two required trainings for all new Girl Scout Volunteers:


1. Welcome to Girl Scouts of Nassau County - this online course gives you an overview of our organization, the history, governance process and resources available to you.


*Please note you will be required to complete the following form at the end of the course in order to receive credit.



Access the "Welcome to Girl Scouts of Nassau County" Training Course>>



2. Girl Scouting 101 is a Girl Scouts of the USA course. It is a 45 minute self-paced online orientation to Girl Scouting. This course will give you all the basics about Girl Scouting including; different ways to participate as a volunteer, what Girl Scouts do, Safety Standards, Girl Scout Cookie program, and more! To get started simply click on this link and remember to enter Nassau County as your Girl Scout Council when prompted!


* Please note you will be required to complete the following form at the beginning of this course in order to receive credit.



Access "Girl Scouting 101" Training Course>>



GSNC also offers additional on line trainings for Girl Scout Volunteers:


For ALL New Leaders:

New Leader Troop Start-Up Guide>>

Establishing a Troop Bank Account>>



Getting Started

Are You a New Leader that could use some help getting your Troop started? Have questions about opening a bank account, getting the parents involved and what to charge for dues? Then take a look at this webinar!

Access "Getting Started With Your Troop" Webinar>>



Welcome to Journeys

Click on the Welcome to Journeys link for an explanation of the Girl Scout Leadership Experience and the National Program portfolio. This webinar will provide you with information about the Girl Scout Journey books and the Girl's Guide to Girl Scouting books. (You may have to forward the webinar as you go by clicking >/ to get to the next slide).

Welcome to Journeys>>



Information for New Daisy Leaders

Are you a new Daisy Leader that would like some details about working with girls in Kindergarten and first grades? Not sure what the Daisy uniform components are? Looking for information about the Journey books for Daisies and Girls Guide to Girl Scouting. Click on the following link for an informative webinar for Daisy Leaders!

Information for new Daisy Leader>>



Planning a Trip?

Plan your trip using "GSUSA's Safety Activity Checkpoints". The checkpoints will help you and your Troop members plan your adventures! Just click on the link and go directly to the activity that you are planning!

One additional and very useful resource for all volunteers working with girls is Volunteer Essentials. This resource reviews important topics related to safety, managing money, planning trips and working with girls of all ages.

Access "Volunteer Essentials">>



Volunteering for Girl Scout Series and Events.

Orientation for short term series and event volunteers called Volunteering for Girl Scout Series and Events is now available!

Access "Volunteering for Series and Events" Training Course>>




Other Resources that Might be Helpful

Access "Blue Book of Basic Documents" >>